2022 - 23

Odd Engine

I started working on this game engine in January 2022. It uses CMake as its automation build system and supports scene loading(resetting), Audio System, 2D Physics, 2D Batch Rendering, and 3D rendering. The Editor has docks like Scene Hierarchy, Inspector, and Content Browser. It is built with keeping multiple operating systems in mind and uses OpenGL for graphics rendering.


PBR Engine

This project is a showcase of some advanced OpenGL rendering techniques.


  • PBR Workflow (Physically Based Rendering)
  • Deferred & Forward Lighting
  • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)
  • FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing)
  • Bloom
  • Tone Mapping
  • HDR Rendering
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Shadow Mapping
  • .glTF Model Loader

OpenGL Showcase

It is the collection of all the examples from LearnOpenGL. This project is for anyone who wants to see and experience all the cool things one can make by following the best OpenGL learning resource. I can’t thank Joey De Vries enough for making learnopengl.com.

Solar System - WIP

This project aims to simulate a solar system with all the planets, including our little friend Pluto orbiting around the Sun. This project is in the early stage and has all the models, cube maps, and PBR rendering. As the project grows into what I imagined it to be, you will be able to fly around the solar system even at the speed of light and manipulate time.


Mini Engine

A simple game engine that doesn’t use any APIs other than Win32 for Windows & X11 for Linux. Its purpose is to learn and teach how to make a game & graphics engine that works on the CPU without using any Graphics API. This project is a part of my How to make a Game Engine From Scratch Series.


Horror - OpenGL Game

A test horror game with a flashlight that follows the player with some head bobbing and a dark environment with trees and a house.


2D Platformer - OpenGL Game

A test 2d platformer game where you can move and jump.

2022 - 23

YouTube Channel

In 2022, I decided to make a YouTube channel for sharing the knowledge & passion I have for computer graphics with the world.


Bug Dolls - Soviet Project

This is a horror game about a small town engulfed with dangerous dolls. My role in the team for this game was to create the initial character controller which is fully custom, built from ground up and not Unity’s Standard Character Controller or Rigidbody.

This game is available on Steam & Google Play Store where it achieved 100k+ downloads and a                      user rating of 4.2 from more than 1000 users.

2020 - 23

Kinematix - Unity Asset (WIP)

In 2020, I decided to make a new solution for collision handling in unity for box colliders, sphere colliders & capsule colliders. It is under development because the task is equivalent to making your own Kinematic Physics Engine from scratch.


Tap To Play - Ball Bounce Game

It is a hyper casual game I made and published in 2019.

The goal is to hop as many bars as you can or just breakthrough the bars using your special ability.

It has over 3000 downloads on Google Play Store and a user rating of 5.0.


Low Poly Playable Vehicles - Unity Asset

This project contains four low poly vehicles with separate wheels, lights, and interiors that are made from scratch in Blender.

This project has garnered over 2000 downloads on Unity Asset Store.


Beretta Pistol - 3D Model

A Game Ready Beretta Pistol with six 2k textures and separate parts like Hammer, Barrel, Magazine, and Trigger.


  • Base
  • ColorAmbient
  • Occlusion
  • Height
  • MetallicNormalRoughness

It is one of the most downloaded pistol model on free3d.com with over 15,360 downloads.


Advanced First Person Controller - Unity Asset

It is an Advanced First Person Controller which supports Mobile platforms, WebGL & Standalone Platforms. It consists of a lot of features that are explained on the asset page.

It has over 500 downloads and received 5 star user rating from the community.


Game Dev Mode - YouTube Channel

I made this YouTube channel in 2017 to share my passion & knowledge for Game Development & Unity. I stopped posting there by the end of December 2019.

The channel has 759 subscribers and 240,250 total views.

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